Services Recommended

H.K. Private Limited
Company Formation
(Ready Made or Tailor Made)

Standard Package  include standard capital registration fee HK$6,400

Excludes Business Registration Fee  

- 1 year Certificate HK$2,600 or 

- 3 year Certificate HK$7,000


H.K. Limited Company – One-off Nature

All below are exclusive of disbursements 

Preparation & Filing of Annual Return.  Preparation of Minutes for Annual General Meeting

Service charge HK$1,500
(excludes government filing fees)


Change of Directors or Secretary

Service charge HK$2,000

Opening of Branch Office

Service charge HK$2,000

Change of Registered Office

Service charge HK$1,500

Change of Company Name

Service charge HK$2,500                (excludes government fees)  


Share Transfer

Service charge HK$2,000 
(excludes stamp duty at 0.2% on share value per each share transaction)


Increase in Share Capital

Service charge HK$2,000
(excludes capital duty at 0.1% on the additional share capital)

Allotment of Shares

Service charge HK$2,500


Change of Bank Signatory

Service charge HK$2,000

Deregistration of H.K
Private Limited Company

Service charge HK$4,000
(excludes government fees)

Other Services

Time cost

H.K. Limited Company - On Per Anniversary Year Basis

Provision of Registered Address

Service charge HK$3,000 per year
Applicable for receiving Government documents

Provision of Correspondence Address

Service charge HK$2,500 per year
Applicable for receiving all correspondence mail

Performing as a Company Secretary

Service charge HK$4,000 per year
(excludes any government fees)
Our company act as company secretary for one year,


Valid until one day before each anniversary of the date of incorporation, client could enjoy our expert services on the following items (if necessary) without any further service charges

To prepare and file the annual return;

To prepare minutes for annual general meeting;

To change the registered address;

To change the particular of directors and secretary;

Safe custody of statutory books;


Updating of minutes book.

(Unless otherwise stated, fees exclude any postage or courier expenses)

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